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SYS-TEK SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT AT THE SERVICE OF COMPANIES Sys-Tek provides customized software development and management program development for companies in all fields and of all sizes with the goal to find the right solution for each organization. Our story Over 20 years of experience in software development at the service of the organizational and managing needs of large and small companies. Over 20 years of investment in research and training to keep up to date with a field in constant and extraordinary evolution to be able to always provide suitable solutions. How we work At the base of each one of our projects, there is the necessity and the goal to fully relate with the organization we are working for, in order to create a product that is suitable to their needs. Depending on the goal we develop custom-made software, sell customizable products or provide in-house consulting. Partnerships We believe that cooperation and comparison are essential to companies: not only to establish a reputation but also to grow and thanks to external stimulation. This is why we are part of several networks and we create connections with companies that can help us provide products that are suitable for our clients’ needs.