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How we work

SIMPLIFYING MANAGEMENT FOR ALL ITALIAN COMPANIES Our job is to develop software and management programs for small, medium and large businesses. But we like to think that our goal is to improve life for all these companies thanks to a more cautious management of each process. Avoiding waste; containing costs; simplifying business management to make the work environment more functional and more enjoyable. A necessity that very large companies share with small artisan shops that, by simplifying their managing responsibilities, have more time to create and produce. CUSTOMIZING Sys-Tek too is part of the ecosystem of small and medium Italian businesses. We are well aware of how much this definition which unites us, can often make it seem as if we were all the same. We are not. Each company has its own specificity, its regional identity, the production choice that defines it. We know it well and we work to create customized management programs, built on real needs. This is why each one of our software projects is based on these four pillars:
  • Identification - we dedicate the first days working on the project to observe flow and process inside the clients’ company
  • Customization - each one of our programs is based on the company’s needs
  • Training - when we deliver the software we train the employees to make them independent and capable to proceed without us
  • Expert advice - because sometimes it is good to have IT support staff who knows you that you can delegate to.
FLEXIBILITY: TO EACH THEIR ANSWER Over the years we have learned to give the right answers to different needs. We pursue our goal -simplifying business life- with three core activities:
  1. Development of turnkey management software
  2. Consulting
  3. Sale of licenses for management programs optimized for specific entities.