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PrivacyLab GDPR

We retail PrivacyLab, a software that manages privacy obligations. PrivacyLab is certified and compliant with the requirements of GDPR, the new EU privacy regulation effective since May 25th 2018. GENERAL DESCRIPTION PrivacyLab lets the user manage any kind of privacy-related obligation a company may have. The software analyzes data management, carries out a risk evaluation and, through a guided procedure, brings the whole system up to standard. The constant data monitoring helps the company keeping data handling under control and it automatically produces all the documentation required by law, compliant with the various legal criteria. WHO MAY NEED IT PrivacyLab is an excellent system for large companies that want to be ready and compliant to all GDPR requirements. It does not require computer or legal skills and it manages everything autonomously. It is also ideal for consultants, as it helps them manage different client files and obligations. For additional PrivacyLab information and features we recommend you visit their website.