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CUSTOMIZED SOFTWARE, EXPERT ADVICE AND PRODUCTS: TO EACH THEIR ANSWER In over twenty years we’ve realized that each company has its own managing process, often independent from its size or its revenue. Some organizational needs are similar, based on field, tax classification or production methods, but each company tends to perceive its needs in a different way, and therefore creating unique flow management. Our experience has taught us to adapt to these needs, trying to offer to each what they really need. It is not always a given, for example, that a small company will be satisfied with a standard management software, just like it’s not always a given that a very large company won’t be able to use and be satisfied by a software that is not necessarily customized. Our goal is to offer everyone what is useful and necessary to solve a problem, with a level of customization that is adequate to their needs and always a very high level of care for the product. We develop computer tools, customized software, and management programs starting from the client’s needs. The development involves, when necessary, an observation phase inside the company to verify that the project really is in line with what is needed. Once it’s completed we provide the internal staff and, if requested, we prepare a plan of assistance and maintenance to keep the system up to date and functional. In case a company needs a specialized technician to handle projects on location we select the best suited person among the professionals on our team. In case a professional with the necessary skills for the requested consultation was not available we can select one through targeted specialized interviews. Furthermore, we have several pre-developed products available with user license and customizable with the company’s colors and logo.