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Cyber security: the right way of handling corporate security

Today cyber security, security online – corporate security in this case – is a key aspect of doing business. From the GDPR requirements (the new European privacy laws) to voluntary and involuntary security breaches, nowadays every company should have a certified and tested protection system.

Sys-tek offers a security check service for your company’s network. If necessary we can then also secure your network.

No company can do without this kind of security, but not all companies can hire an employee specialized in data safety. Seeking a third party consultation to test and -when necessary- fix potential flaws in the system is a winning strategy.

Our work can be divided in three phases, two in case our client’s network is already perfectly safe.

  1. Penetration test: we simulate hacking attempts to your company network and evaluate its level of security.
  2. The results of our test are analyzed to identify all flaws and understand potential issues. We produce an analysis report in order to present the situation to the client and suggest possible improvements.
  3. (After our presentation and upon approval of our second quote) Activation of all procedures aimed to secure the network and training personnel so the new security standards can be shared and followed by everyone. in some cases it might be necessary to completely reprogram the company’s network.

Take your company’s safety seriously: call us today!