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Digitization analysis

“Digitizing the company” is a phrase we hear everywhere nowadays, although often without any clarification on what digitization means or what a company needs when it comes to digitization.

At Sys-tek we want to help companies by concretely taking action, aiming to provide answers -and maybe raising funds – through a preliminary evaluation we call “digitization analysis”.

Thanks to our collaboration with CNA we know to evaluate each situation case by case before making any generic statement -even when generic statements could potentially be useful.-

We also take into consideration that the Italian resolution Piano Calenda Impresa 4.0 we find several oncrete initiatives to help companies willing to invest in digitization. This is why we created a service that starts from analyzing the level of digitization of each company.
Only after this analysis will we be able to recognize the company’s potential and how to develop it, understanding what is really useful to them at that stage of development.

If you want to find out what your digitization level is, what you can do to grow and which funds you can access, call us and together we will find the right path for you.