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Network infrastructure design

Designing a network infrastructure today is a mandatory step in creating a new workspace. In fact it is necessary to guarantee a productive and functional environment and the safe management of internal data, in line with the new European privacy laws.

Sys-tek’s service to create a server infrastructure in offices is targeted to new spaces as well as pre existing ones in need of a system integration.

This is a “key in hand” service: we start by studying the client’s needs and work method, we design a structure that can adapt to their current situation and potential future changes. Finally, upon request, we install it.

Designing a network infrastructure is extremely delicate and it requires taking various factors into considerations. Decisions are made based on how many people will access the network, field specific needs, external access (and its requirements), type of data etc., on top of assessments on potential company development.

It is thanks to this precise analysis that we are capable of designing the whole infrastructure (hardware and software). Among other things we also keep in mind the workstations layout.

When it comes to system integration, meaning designs for pre-existing or expanding structures, the procedure is the same and it aims to safeguard pre-existing work habits whenever they do not obstacle a balanced (and most importantly safe) development of the new network design.

A well designed and well structured network is simple to protect, it is an essential procedure to adapt the company to the European privacy requirements (GDPR).

Thanks to a well organized infrastructure the action of firewalls and personal security devices can better protect data from potential intrusions and data breaches.