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Secure certified HD data erase

Secure and certified data erasure from hard drives and electronic devices is a procedure that complies with the new European regulation for the protection of personal data (GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation) effective since may 25th 2018. Abiding by existing privacy laws, Sys-tek s.r.l. offers a service of secure, permanent and certified data erasure on a hard drive, computer or electronic device. Data security has been an increasingly relevant topic over the years, in correlation with the increase of personal and corporate data connected to various devices. The way data is handled and stored cannot be just dictated by the law, it needs to be a way of respecting one’s own business as well as all the partners and entities around it. Therefore, the handled data needs to be protected not only while the device storing them is in use, but also after its disposal (regardless of whether the device is being refurbished or permanently disposed of.) In order to guarantee that important corporate data (internal and external) will not be leaked, it is necessary to ensure their complete erasure from computer or electronic devices that are no longer being used. The secure and certified data erasure from hard drives offered by Sys-Tek utilizes techniques that permanently erase computer memory as well as the memory of other devices, using an overwrite software as well (a program that writes random sequences of binary code over previously existing data). The same program offers, at the end of the operation, a certification of the effective cancellation as recommended by current law.