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Colour Test

GENERAL DESCRIPTION The application is mainly developed for tablet and touch-screen devices but it also available for desktop on traditional platforms. Created to develop any kind of test, with options for asking and answering questions in writing or with images. It is editable and scalable for any need, its main perk is to be very intuitive, which makes it possible to be utilized by a large user base (any age and medium-low computer skills.) WHO MAY NEED IT Anyone who needs a large target to take a test. Colour test is practical both for tests meant for entertainment (for example while waiting) and more in-depth surveys. FEATURES
  • Possibility to prepare written or image-based tests.
  • User-friendly (suitable for any kind of user, even with low computer skills)
  • Scalable
  • Available for both touch-screen devices and traditional desktops
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Developed in dot.net for Windows 8.1 and more recent versions. Available for other platforms upon request. CUSTOMIZATION The user license includes basic customization with the company’s colors and logo as well as language selection (English or Italian). It is possible to request a quote for developing additional features.

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