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GENERAL DESCRIPTION Web platform for remote training on Moodle. E-learn offers college credits and certifications by checking attendance through tests and popup questions during use. Furthermore, the system administrator is capable of checking when each user is connected and which class they are attending. Using a Moodle platform allows us to go above and beyond the typical student-teacher barrier, favoring shared learning among all members of the group. WHO MAY NEED IT It is useful for all kinds of industries. Other than the application in the educational field, it can be profitably used also for large companies’ employee training or basic scientific information. FEATURES
  • Offers certifications and college credits
  • Allowing the creation of several groups and virtual classrooms
  • Automatic user referral based on login information
  • An option for the system administrator to check on every user
  • Attendance verification through random testing
  • Management of documentation relative to training and certification
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Developed on the Moodle platform and customized in php. E-Learn can be used from any platform CUSTOMIZATION The user license includes basic customization with the company’s colors as well as language selection (English or Italian). It is possible to request a quote for developing on Moodle with additional features.

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