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Over 25 years of experience in software development and IT consultancy at the service of the organizational and management needs of large and small companies. Over 25 years of investment in research and training to keep up with a constantly evolving sector in order to be able to provide valuable solutions.

Today, tomorrow, together.

In recent years we have developed solutions for software and management programs that have improved the work and life of companies. making them operational and fully effective over time. We have placed ourselves at the service of our customers, we have adapted the projects, tools and resources to the specificities of different realities.

Sys-Tek was born in 1996, when the core business was the development of management information systems with the AS/400. Since 2007, with the change of the corporate structure, Sys-Tek has invested economic resources and energies in a constant technological renewal. The reorganization of resources and processes was confirmed by the achievement of the ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 Certifications. The decision to keep the company's production and quality level high was also pursued through the transformation into a Benefit Company and B Corp and through valuable collaborations, such as the association CNA Torino, ISACA and AIPEC.
Furthermore, in 2022, the company was awarded at the 15th edition of the International Women's Entrepreneurial challenge of the IWEC Foundation.

In the same years we have also nurtured our passion for sport and social issues, supporting various initiatives such as Dragonette Torino Onlus, the youth female Curling movement of Pinerolof Curling Pinerolo and contributing toILGA – Italian Ladies Golf Association.

We help you to be
your next-to-be.

Today we know that information technology, the web and the media are no longer just tools. They are the very environment in which we live. Our habitat. We are part of an ecosystem of processes, relationships and opportunities, all-encompassing and hyper-connected, yet elusive in its complexity, breadth and mutability.
The competition is very high, the market evolves by planning updated visions of the world, realizing them and defining the standards and forms of participation in the new world. We offer you a participatory, shared and fluid research and development path, both physical and digital, made up of people and applications. We bring you with us to the center of what happens.

Customizing Sys-Tek

Sys-tek is also part of the fabric of small and medium-sized Italian companies. We know well how much this definition that unites us often risks making us all look the same: we are not. Each company has its own specificity, its own regional component, a production choice that distinguishes it.

To each their answer

Over the years we have learned to give the right answers to different types of needs. We pursue our goal – to simplify complexity.


Companies need to relate to each other to grow

The decision to join various groups and associations is dictated by the awareness that collaboration and networking are fundamental levers for growth and development.

Acer - Golden Partner

Since 2020 Sys-Tek is HP Silver Partner.

As a Business Partner, we may resell HP products and services.

Through the HP Business Partner program, HP efficiently meets the needs of our customers, coupled with our customized solutions designed to optimize, manage and improve work environments.

The HP Business Partner Program offers access to innovative technologies and solutions with industry-leading partners.

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At the basis of each of our projects there is the need and the desire to identify with the reality for which we work, in order to create a product that is truly suited to the needs.