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Over 25 years of experience developing customized software and management programs. We owe our strength to a competent and energetic working group, that was built thanks to constant training and targeted investments in research and development.

Today, tomorrow, together.

During all these years we developed software and project management programmes that improved the life and the work environment of businesses. We made them operative and fully efficient over time, through management services, consultancy, training and assistance. We have been at our customers’ service. We adapted projects, tools and assets to the specific needs of different realities. The result of this approach has always been a solution system that works and is useful, because is tailored for the people that will really utilise it and how they will utilise it.

Sys-Tek was founded in 1996 when our core business was developing management information systems with the AS/400. In the following years, we continued growing with the market but without distancing ourselves too much from our initial technological choices. This until 2007, when the change of corporate structure brought a radical change in our business dynamics.

New management brought Sys-Tek gradual but significant innovation: passionate young people were been hired and strongly directed towards new things. We agreed on a new development plan based on training and research.

Obtaining the ISO 9001 certification confirmed the reorganization of resources and processes. The choice to keep the production and quality level high was also pursued through valuable collaborations, like our association with Confindustria Bari and Unione Industriale Torino, and our agreement with Politecnico di Torino, which resulted in our sponsorship of the Master’s degree in Big Data Engineering of 2016. In the same years, we have also developed our passion for sports and social initiatives, supporting initiatives like the Dragonette Torino Onlus and sponsoring a young curling team, the 3S Sys-Tek.

We help you to be
your next-to-be.

Today we know that Information Technology, the web and the media are not only tools anymore: they are the environment we live in, our habitat.

We are part of an ecosystem made of processes, relationships and opportunity, that is all-encompassing and hyper-connected, and yet still elusive in its complexity, width and variability.

The competition is high and ever-growing, the market evolves designing updated visions of the reality, realising them and defining the standards and the shape of the participation in the new world.

We offer you a journey made of shared research and development, fluid, both physical and digital, made both of people and software.

We bring you with us to the core of what’s happening.


CUSTOMIZING Sys-Tek too is part of the ecosystem of small and medium Italian businesses. We are well aware of how much this definition which unites us, can often make it seem as if we were all the same. We are not. Each company has its own specificity, its regional identity, the production choice that defines it. We know it well and we work to create customized management programs, built on real needs. This is why each one of our software projects is based on these four pillars:

Identification – we dedicate the first days working on the project to observe flow and process inside the clients’ company

Customization – each one of our programs is based on the company’s needs

Training – when we deliver the software we train the employees to make them independent and capable to proceed without us

Expert advice – because sometimes it is good to have IT support staff who knows you that you can delegate to.

To each their answer

Over the years we have learned to give the right answers to different needs. We pursue our goal -simplifying business life- with three core activities:

Development of turnkey management software


Sale of licenses for management programs optimized for specific entities.

Technological partnerships

Companies need to relate to each other to grow

We chose to join several groups and associations because we are aware that in order to improve we need to learn how to question our habits and choices.

Acer - Golden Partner

As of 2019, Sys-Tek is officially part of the Acer Synergy project. As a Gold Partner, we have now become a reseller and can carry out repairs as well as replacements.

Acer’s importance in the world of computer supplies is undisputed, famous for its safe and affordable products. Those same standards are still applied today to every Acer product and they all are reliable, secure and durable.

That’s precisely why we decided to become a partner. This collaboration allows us to enhance e our Desktop Management service and offer our customers great quality supplies and excellent guarantees for both our maintenance and repair services.

HP - Silver Partner

Since 2020 Sys-Tek is an HP Silver Partner

As a Business Partner, we can resell HP products and services.

Through the HP Business Partner Program, HP efficiently meets the needs of our customers, along with our customized solutions designed to optimize, manage and improve work environments.

The HP Business Partner Program offers access to innovative solutions and technologies with industry-leading partners

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At the base of each of our projects the need and the will to identify with the reality for which we work, in order to create a product that is truly suited to the needs. Depending on the objective, sell customizable products or provide in-house consultancy.