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Desktop management and workstation management

Desktop management means managing a company’s workstations.
Sys-Tek offers company of all sizes a desktop management services, structured according to the company’s size and timing.

The goal is to free the company from additional costs, purchases, maintenance, updating and management of internal security for their employees’ workstations.

Our offer has already been successfully tested on companies of various sizes and with different needs. It involves complete management, from evaluation and purchase of the equipment to their disposal, through constant updates and security checks.

As of 2019, Sys-Tek is officially part of the Acer Synergy project. As a Gold Partner, we have now become a reseller and can carry out repairs as well as replacements.
This allows us to provide more effective evaluations and improve our technical maintenance services.

We usually recommend a 4 year base during which we can provide assistance on site or remotely, in order to promptly check and fix potential problems.

At the end of the 4 years the equipment can be returned or renewed.
Depending on each company’s needs we can provide certified hard disk wipe and data erasure.

Our desktop management service is highly customizable based on each company’s needs: call us for a custom quote.